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Protecting your

Intellectual Property

“75% of small and midsize businesses rank data loss as the most significant risk to their business.” – Applied Research

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Managed Server and Data Backup

A fully managed onsite and cloud backup service ensuring that all files are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes if needed. And it will likely cost less than your monthly phone bill.


Hybrid Backup System
Server images and data will be stored on a local storage appliance on your network as well as streamed simultaneously to a cloud data centre. Canadian customers will have their data stored in a Canadian data centre.

Delta Level Technology
Never have to do another full backup, drastically reducing the backup time, storage space, network traffic, and workload of your servers.

Recover Your Data to Dissimilar Hardware
Perform a bare metal restore of your data to dissimilar hardware. You don’t have to worry about purchasing that new server anymore.

Virtual Server Support
Backup your virtual servers with the same software that you use to back up your physical servers.

Supreme Flexibility
Recover your data from nearly any point in time, whether it is just one file or a full restore.

Full Transparency Through Reporting
Wide range of detailed reports are provided monthly to ensure that you know what is happening and that you can breathe easy knowing that your data is protected.

Fully Managed Solution
Indusflow’s technical team will monitor and manage your backups to ensure it is always working, and will act immediately if there is an issue.

Discounted Rates for Technical Support