Case Study: Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc.

Case Study: Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc.

by | Jun 3, 2020 | IT Solutions, Long Term Care


The Client

Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc. is a non-profit long-term care facility that consists of independent living senior housing and two long-term care homes, while also facilitating an Adult Day Program. They are an organization that is dedicated to providing the seniors in their community with quality care and exceptional service, prioritizing mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Although they serve predominantly residence of Greek ancestry with their cultural and traditions infused homes, The Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc. welcomes all those from diverse backgrounds.


The Challenge

As the Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc. continues to grow, they had to ensure they were able to adapt to the challenges tied to growth. Performance and productivity were a daily concern– their network experienced ongoing performance issues and access to critical data was slow. This resulted in frustration and ultimately, inefficiencies. To counter the poor performance, Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc. incurred costs that were not effective.


Our Approach

Our goal was to transition their two homes/locations to meet their growing needs, improve quality of service, improve productivity, to reduce cost, and to provide a combined enhanced package that drives efficiencies.

We understand the importance of reliable connectivity. Both staff and residents depend on access to information, 24-hours a day.

By transitioning their IT environment from a purely hosted system to a hybrid cloud system, we were able to leverage existing and underutilized server assets to bring in-demand data closer to where users were while leaving other lower-priority data on an inexpensive cloud platform. Additionally, upgrading some internal network infrastructure components, such as Wi-Fi access points, were able to boost overall performance and system responsiveness significantly. Our service desk team is able to respond to and resolve any user issues quickly and efficiently, giving them an improved customer service experience.



In today’s highly digital society, having the right technological infrastructure is crucial to the sustainability of businesses and organizations, as well as their continued growth. Today, the Hellenic Home for the Aged has faster response times with Indusflow Systems, a secure network, backup, and network dependability. As they continue to experience growth as an organization, we’ve made certain that their technology infrastructure is prepared to grow seamlessly with them.


Images courtesy of Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc.


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