Why Indusflow

We provide a 24/7 help desk, proactive support, reliable IT management, infrastructure strategy and more, as do many of our competitors. So how do we stand out from the crowd? 

By utilizing our educate-first approach.

At Indusflow, we have a long track record of being educators. In 1992, we began training people for technology careers at four campuses across the Greater Toronto Area and were recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Citizenship and Training. 

As we switched gears into software solutions, we began to take on corporate clients for IT support and management. 20+ years later, we’re still here and stronger than ever, sticking to our core principals – education, professionalism and delivering reliable technology. 

Information Technology is the lifeblood of our customers’ businesses. Whether you are a small business with a single server and a dozen workstations, or a mid-sized corporation with more than a hundred employees along with a myriad of computing devices and applications, we invite you to explore how Indusflow can power your computing needs.

Our Mission:

To be the partner of choice for complete outsourced IT management. 

Our Principles: 

  • We will treat you with respect. Honesty and integrity are ingrained into the fabric of our company. 
  • We speak your language. Whether you are a small business or a large organization, we will communicate with you with full transparency and collaboration.
  • You will gain access to highly competent and committed teams. We invest in our employees by giving them the training and exposure to a wide range of technologies and solutions. 
  • The best possible infrastructure and software technologies will be at your disposal. 

Let’s talk about your IT needs.