Ideal Customer

Your business may be grappling with increasing IT costs, lack of responsive support or expertise from your internal IT department or solution provider, or a general dissatisfaction with your IT strategy. A strategic relationship with an outsourced Managed Services Provider (MSP) may be the right move for you. Without the right partnership, a move can easily translate into business disruption, uncertainty, lost productivity, and other undesirable outcomes.

With Indusflow, moving to an MSP is a painless transition that leads to immediate benefits, like greater productivity, transparency, cost management, accountability, and security. If these sound like transformational changes to your business – quite simply put, they are.

Below is a brief overview that will help you determine whether now is the right time to contact Indusflow:

  • You need the expertise of an IT partner. Indusflow supports customers with a wide range of technology needs ranging from the simple to the complex. Our teams have therefore developed both the breadth and experience to keep up-to-date with key technologies that could benefit our customers. Unlike an internal IT department, which may be hampered in learning new technologies by routine job demands, Indusflow will advise you on these technologies and make sure they are delivered optimally to your business needs and budget.
  • IT is critical to your business. If your business absolutely depends on network uptime, it may be the right time for you to outsource. Some businesses are particularly technology intensive – perhaps with eCommerce operations, large customer support centers or technology-dependent ordering and booking systems. Indusflow keeps our customers in business around the clock with 24/7 networking monitoring tools, a highly responsive service desk and sophisticated back-up and security systems.
  • You are looking for technology leadership. Our customers turn to us regularly for help in helping formulate and deliver on their companies’ short- and long-term IT strategies. The ideal IT strategy supports the company’s long-term strategic business goals, necessitating the services of a C-level technology executive, which many small and mid-sized companies simply don’t have. By working with Indusflow, you get the knowledge and experience of a seasoned technology strategist who can help ensure that your systems will evolve in concert with your overall goals.
  • Your current arrangement is not working. You may already be working with an MSP but sense that they are not the right partner for you. Indusflow has grown over the past 20 years by listening to businesses and providing solutions that grow and change with our customers’ changing needs. Not all MSPs are alike and if you are not satisfied with how your IT operations are being managed, it may be time for a change.
  • You want great customer service. You may be frustrated by your in-house team’s inability to be all things: on-call computer technician, security expert, applications manager, back-up and maintenance overseer, systems planner etc. Your small team may simply be unable to provide for all the technology needs of a growing company. If you want a comprehensive solution that relieves you of the burden of day-to-day IT management, it may be time to talk to Indusflow.


If any of the above describe you, take some time to investigate what Indusflow can offer your business. We would love to talk with you and advise you on your best IT options and how we can work together to get you there.

Let’s talk about your IT needs.