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SYNDi Financial Applications

Welcome to the SYNDi home page. SYNDi is a suite of software applications designed to reduce the complexity of Loan Syndication and Investment Portfolio management for the financial industry.

Managing loan and portfolio data in a financial services organization can be very challenging without the right tools. If your firm is suffering from any of the following symptoms, you need to talk to us:

  • Drowning in paperwork
  • Managing your operations with dozens of Excel spreadsheets
  • Relying on your accounting system to perform functions it was not designed to
  • Poor customer service due to difficulty in answering customers’ questions or incorrect statements
  • Over-staffed operation means a more expensive business and overall less profits

SYNDi Loan Manager: This package administers loans and mortgages. The user advances the loan amount to the borrower, receives payments on monthly basis and may distribute them to investors. The system automates the loan management cycle and maintains relevant records until the loan is paid off. SYNDi cuts down paperwork and saves time so that you concentrate on marketing while SYNDi takes care of managing the loan cycle.

SYNDi Investment Ledger: This portfolio management application enables you to track your investments. If you operate as a financial service bureau, managing portfolios of your clients and working with various brokers, you can use the software to maintain the history of all transactions related to the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds and treasury bills. The system generates the investment history and prepares a journal entry that can be posted to the General Ledger.

SYNDi Fund Manager: Are you running a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) or administering any private equity instrument? You will find that SYNDi Fund Manager will do the job for you in the simplest possible manner. It is a general purpose software package to manage investments which pay interest or dividend to investors. You can also use SYNDi fund Manager to issue shares and write checks to investors.

SYNDi Electronic Funds Transfer: This package can be used as a companion product for SYNDi Loan Manager to process direct deposits to investors and preauthorized payments from borrowers through your bank. It prepares a file that can be transmitted to the bank

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