Sage 300 (Accpac) and Sage CRM Consulting


Thanks for visiting the Sage Integrated Business Solutions page. If you’re looking for a fresh new relationship with a consulting team, you’ve come to the right place. Implementing and supporting ERP and CRM systems is no trivial task. To minimize the risk of projects gone bad, Indusflow takes a team approach to serving your organization in the spirit of communication, collaboration and responsibility.

Why Choose Indusflow Systems as your Sage Authorized Partner?

Indusflow has invested over 20 years in developing a team of technology specialists, certified product consultants, customization expertise and exposure to a wide range of industries. Indusflow brings solid capabilities and a rigorous methodology to the table so that customers receive an efficient and value-laden implementation experience and dedicated ongoing support.

Giving you a superior customer service experience is the cornerstone of Indusflow’s mission. Our team is dedicated to demonstrating the following core values when delivering customer projects:

1. Digging Deep: Our lead consultants are hired and trained specifically for their ability to listen to customer stories, dive deeply into pain points, strive to understand business processes and ultimately craft elegant solutions to complex problems.

2. Hitting the Bullseye: Our disciplined methodology focuses on understanding your business and identifying clearly the problems you are trying to fix. You can expect to work with a team that is laser focused on your business goals and resolving your pain points.

3. Managing Risk: Software projects can be risky. You can expect Indusflow consultants to patiently understand your objectives and present software solutions before you buy. A scope of work (SOW) will document precise project outcomes. Implementation is then carefully planned and the solution delivered in an iterative fashion to ensure risk is controlled through-out the project.

4. Long-term Relationships: Indusflow is in the business of building long-term customer relationships. You can expect a highly responsive relationship with Indusflow’s support team after the project is completed to ensure you have the help you need when problems or questions arise.

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Sage 300

Also known as “Accpac”, Sage 300 is Sage’s flagship ERP software for the mid-market. Sage 300 is a solid GAAP-compliant and scalable financial and operations ERP solution that forms the foundation of most solutions we deliver. Key business activities streamlined by Sage 300 include:

  • Core financials and financial reporting
  • Full maintenance of customers and vendors
  • Transacting business in multiple currencies
  • Inventory control with multiple costing methods and multiple locations
  • Purchasing order processing with integrated serial numbers and lot tracking
  • Order entry, shipping and invoicing
  • Project and job costing for complex sales
  • Payroll processing with sophisticated deductions tracking and EFT
  • A full range of add-on modules such as manufacturing, EDI, warehouse management, eCommerce, document management, fixed assets, human resource management and much more

Sage 300 has an easy to use API, SQL Server-backed database engine, and Crystal Reports and Excel reporting that makes the system easy to integrate and support.

For more detailed information on Sage 300, visit www.sage300.com.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a web-based customer relationship management system that is easy to use, fully customizable and extensible. Sage CRM is very effective for businesses that want one system to manage all aspects of their customer-centric business processes such as sales, customer service and marketing. Key capabilities provided by Sage CRM include:

  • Access all your customer data in one place including company details, contacts, communications, sales, financials, customer service requests, marketing campaigns and much more, giving you a true 360 degree view of your relationships.
  • Track all your sales opportunities in a sales funnel that your salespeople can maintain; gives your organization a sales and prospect tracking discipline that pays huge dividends through higher closure rates and accelerated sales velocity.
  • All customer service requests are issued a ticket number and tracked until resolution. Avoids inbound customer requests such as complaints, post-sales service, change requests, etc. from falling through the cracks.
  • Define marketing campaigns and then tag sales activities that resulted from these marketing initiatives. Great way to calculate return on investment of your marketing efforts.
  • Powerful business analytics gives you insight on how well your sales, customer service and marketing teams are performing and how your customers interact with your business.
  • Create step-by-step workflows that guide your users through your pre-defined business processes.
  • Dramatically improve the way your teams communicate by allowing all actionable data to reside in one system, and build in automatic notifications to keep team members informed of critical events.
  • Allow your project staff to track all projects, deliverables, deadlines and key customer communications in one system and allow visibility to other members of your team.


Sage CRM can be easily customized to many business environments. Indusflow Systems has successfully implemented Sage CRM in many business environments such as wholesale/distribution, manufacturing, insurance and finance.
For a deeper dive into Sage CRM, check out Sage CRM’s website at www.sagecrm.com and then give us a call for a more customized demo.

Sage 300 and Sage CRM Add-on Solutions

The Indusflow professional services team has experience implementing the following third-party add-on modules for Sage 300 and Sage CRM:

Auto Simply: Provides core manufacturing functionality to Sage 300. Manufacturers of various types can track manufacturing orders, plan production and purchasing, collect data from the shop floor, manage lots and serial numbers and integrate barcode scanner technology.For more information on AutoSimply for Sage 300, please visit www.autosimply.com.

Sage HRMS: A fully featured human resources management module that integrates payroll, benefits, talent development, recruiting and employee self-service.For more information on Sage HRMS, please visit www.sage.com/ca/sage-hrms.

commercebuild (Formerly Sage eCommerce): A fully integrated and customizable e-business platform that allows Sage 300 customers sell on the web. As the only Sage-endorsed eCommerce solution for Sage 300, the solution is suited to both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) webstores. For more information on commercebuild, please visit www.commercebuild.com.

Edisoft: Edisoft provides a full suite of products and services to help integrate EDI into your supply chain infrastructure while integrating with Sage 300. For more information on Edisoft, please visit www.edisoft.com.

Warehouse Management: Indusflow’s clients have implemented warehouse management solutions from Accellos and RF Pathways. These solutions integrate with several ERP systems including Sage 300. For more information on Accellos WMS, please visit www.accellos.com. For more information on RF Pathways, please visit www.rfpathways.com.

In addition to the above products, Indusflow consultants can help you integrate various other third-party add-on solutions including those from Orchid, Pacific Technology Solutions, Systronics, Norming, ACCU-DART and others.

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