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Manufacturers are process and data-driven organizations. Global competition, access to raw materials and a tight labour pool means that manufacturers must optimize how they do business and track production costs carefully. Thus, having access to data and a reliable technology infrastructure is vital.

ERP, MRP, shop floor control, and data analytics are key systems that manufacturers need to manage inventory, warehousing, sales, purchasing and accounting. Downtime means the business is forced to a halt while the problem is diagnosed and then fixed. This reactive approach proves counterproductive to the success of running competitive manufacturing businesses.

Indusflow has a proven track record of ensuring our manufacturing customers are always “on”. This means that we proactively keep an eye on your technology infrastructure so that no part of your business is affected by technology downtime.

Services & Solutions

  • Implement Sage 300 ERP along with job costing and manufacturing modules for made-to-stock and made-to-order operations
  • Implement Sage CRM for sales and customer service teams and integrated CRM with ERP to allow operational and financial data to be delivered to employees through CRM
  • Develop sophisticated business intelligence reporting using Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence for business users to monitor profitability, job status and overall sales productivity
  • Implement and customize ACCU-DART barcoding software and scanning units for high-volume manufacturers that are unique to business processes of customer
  • Comprehensive training for employees to ensure maximum adoption of system
  • Implementation of Sage 300 third-party add-ons including bin tracking, document management, purchase order workflow and EFT
  • Fully-managed IT services including network management, IT security, end-user support, servers and workstations, data protection and disaster recovery

Manufacturing Blog

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