The Importance of Wi-fi Infrastructure

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    The Importance of Wi-fi Infrastructure

    by | Feb 18, 2020 | Distribution, IT Solutions, Long Term Care, Manufacturing

    For many businesses in 2020, Wi-fi has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. While usage varies on a case-by-case, business-to-business basis, the importance of Wi-fi remains the same.

    How do you approach building Wi-fi infrastructure that is suitable to the needs of different types of businesses? Here are two key things to consider:


    1. Understand unique industry needs


    Not all business are cut from the same cloth, therefor not all their needs are prioritized the same way. Long term care homes require all their tablets and kiosks to be up and running 24/7 so that staff can access residence files and time-sensitive medication on a real-time basis. Manufacturing and distribution warehouses, on the other hand, need access to inventory, stock, and reporting on their devices to efficiently run their operations.

    By understanding the critical needs of your business you are able to determine the Wi-fi infrastructure suitable for it.


    2. Assess potential risks


    Wi-fi, like most technology, faces downtime and security threats. That doesn’t mean your business needs to be a sitting duck waiting for issues to arise. Ensure that there are proper monitoring procedures in place when Wi-fi infrastructure is built out, including built-in alerts in the event that a Wi-fi access point is down. Prioritize securing your Wi-fi networks from being compromised. If you really want to minimize technical failure and security vulnerabilities that can cause disruption to your business, consider finding a managed IT services partner who prioritizes these safeguards for you.

    Bonus: A common complaint we hear from our new customers is that their large facilities do not have the most reliable network connection. Pre-planning is essential. When implementing Wi-fi into your business, access points should be thoroughly considered so that the Wi-fi signal is reliable and accessible across businesses with larger square footage, such as long term care homes and warehouses.

    Wi-fi shouldn’t be the reason your business slows down. Working with the right technology partners aides in successful business operations, no matter the industry.

    At Indusflow, we have a dedicated team of professionals who proactively monitor our customers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the needs of the industries we serve and what’s important to them. Our education-first approach ensures that all business and their technology users are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help effectively streamline your business practices and have it run smoothly.

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