Managed IT Services and IT Support

Looking for a New Managed IT Services Partner for your Small or Mid-Sized Organization?


If you are a business owner or executive looking for a new IT services partner, chances are you are currently challenged with one of the following five situations:

– You have an external consultant managing your IT …. But now your company is bigger and busier. Your external consultant is simply not able to keep up with your needs. When your consultant goes on holidays, is too busy or gets sick you are left scrambling for support.

– You take on the responsibility for IT or tell one of your employees to look after it. But you are not an IT professional. Your job is to run and grow the company, not to fix networks and computers. Lack of IT knowledge results in serious mistakes such as data loss, cybersecurity intrusions and downtime.

– You have a current relationship with an external managed IT services firm … But they are not responsive and lack professionalism. They have demonstrated incompetence and are not good with customer service. You deserve a partner that is competent, proactive and responsive, are good communicators and committed to customer service.

– You have already hired a great IT Manager who has complete responsibility over your IT support and major IT projects … But the problem is your manager is so busy with day to day tasks, that there is no time for strategic projects and helping develop your company’s IT roadmap. Eventually your IT Manager gets frustrated and burnt out. You need a managed IT services partner that can provide day to day IT support and system administration while your IT Manager focuses on strategic goals.

– You have an internal IT department … But are looking for ways to create more efficiency, access more competencies and make better use of dollars by offloading responsibilities to a managed IT services partner.

Welcome to TechCare

TechCare by Indusflow Systems is a fully managed IT services program that allows you to outsource the management of your information technology infrastructure to a team committed to delivering outstanding quality of service.

Indusflow Systems currently serves organizations based in southern and eastern Ontario, Canada including the cities of Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Ottawa, and surrounding regions. Our customers also have branch offices in other provinces or USA.

Why Indusflow?

Indusflow’s approach to serving you is based on professionalism, competence and leadership.

Professionalism – Indusflow’s team of account executives, technical support analysts and team leads are dedicated to providing outstanding service to you and your employees;

Competence – Indusflow invests heavily in acquiring and training talent across a broad range of IT skills including IT infrastructure, security and cloud;

Leadership – Indusflow’s executives and advisors will understand your business strategy and help align your IT roadmap to your goals and aspirations.

What are the Benefits of TechCare?

Expert Team of IT Analysts and Consultants – Gain instant access to an entire team of experts with a broad range of skills.

24×7 Service Desk – Our Toronto-based network operations center guarantees a qualified support analyst will be available to provide server and end-user support to meet response commitments.

Vendor Management – Our service desk will work with all your technology vendors to ensure your systems are well integrated and supported. No more finger pointing and frustration.

IT Security – Indusflow is committed to ensuring a safe and secure network. Firewall, antivirus and security monitoring ensure that your network’s integrity is an ongoing priority and that your security investment is working.

Data Protection – We ensure that all virtual servers, configurations, files and databases are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Cloud and Hosting – As pricing for Cloud enablement and hosting continues to come down, Indusflow helps its customers take advantage of strategic benefits of going to Cloud.

End-User Empowerment – The Indusflow team will periodically run information sessions for your employees on important and useful topics such as safe Internet practices and Microsoft 365 features.

IT Leadership – Indusflow’s “Virtual CIO” program ensures you will have close relationships with our senior consultants and account executives who understand your business and help guide your technology roadmap.






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