Case Study: The Wexford Residence

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    Case Study: The Wexford Residence

    by | Jul 14, 2020 | IT Solutions, Long Term Care

    The Client: 

    Established in 1978, The Wexford Residence is a charitable non-profit corporation that combines a seniors’ community centre, independent apartments and a long-term care facility for senior residence in Scarborough.


    The Challenge

    In the early 1990s, computers started to appear in offices across the globe as technology became accessible to medium and small-sized businesses.

    The Wexford Residence, like many other organizations, faced a unique challenge of transitioning from paper documentation to digital and incorporating tools such as email into their day-to-day. Because long term care facilities have access to confidential patient records, this transition had to be secure and compliant with regulatory bodies in place meant to safeguard patients and their information. It also meant that once transitioned, their systems had to be continuously up-to-date and running without interruption in order to ensure that the technology implemented operated around the clock.


    Our Approach

    We wanted to make sure that The Wexford Residence was set up for immediate and long-term success— their digital infrastructure needed to be modern, compliant, and dependable. 

    Indusflow Systems set up computers, equipped them with relevant tools, connected them to the web and ensured that The Wexford Residence is operational 24-hours a day. As an organization that continuously runs with no downtime, it’s important that their technology infrastructure is reliable. 

    Some of the technology we have implemented and the services we provide are:

    • Full computerization of administrative and nursing departments
    • PointClickCare kiosks to add efficiency in managing residence records
    • Dependable WiFi touchpoints to ensure all devices, including eMAR tablets, can connect instantly and without issue
    • In-house servers and back-end integration
    • Multiple redundant internet lines to combat network failures
    • Accreditation Audits to ensure regulatory compliance so that the client is compliant 

    We also provide strategic IT management by monitoring their IT assets 24/7 to ensure continuous access to their applications and minimizing downtime. 



    Today, we are managing more than 45+ computers and devices, 20+ kiosks and more at The Wexford Residence. They continue to be one of the more tech-friendly and forward organizations in their sector and are committed to the advancement of technology in long term care. 

    We are proud to have been providing IT services to The Wexford Residence for more than 21 years. By providing a faster and efficient IT environment, our partner is able to provide the best possible care for their patients. We look forward to our growth together in the long term care industry with innovation and technology so that they can continue to maximize resident care by making available data accessible to all support staff.


    Images courtesy of The Wexford Residence.


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