Business continuity is your organization’s ability to continue operating after an adverse or catastrophic business event.

In the context of information technology, we are talking about an event that either results in the destruction of a critical server, communication systems or data, or makes your technology inaccessible by your staff.

Catastrophic technology failures can occur due to several reasons such as:

  • Failure of a critical server component such as motherboard or hard drive
  • Physical destruction due to fire, flood or theft
  • Disruption of your phone or email systems
  • Software corruption due to a faulty software update or human error
  • Cybersecurity attack by a virus or ransomware

Indusflow Systems has partnered with Datto to add sophisticated business continuity capabilities to our customers’ mission-critical servers.

Watch the video below that overviews Datto’s SIRIS business continuity solution.

Why work with Indusflow Systems

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