New Cybersecurity Tools and Services by Indusflow Systems

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    New Cybersecurity Tools and Services by Indusflow Systems

    by | Sep 10, 2020 | IT Solutions

    New Cybersecurity Tools and Services by Indusflow Systems:

    Ransomware can be devastating to any organization. An attack will encrypt critical company data including entire file systems, databases and system files. Without proper security tools and training in place, ransomware can evade traditional anti-virus programs. Indusflow Systems secures its clients through a mix of tools, vigilance and employee training. We are now offering these tools and services to help IT managers better secure their environments.


    • Legacy anti-virus programs are simply not robust enough to keep up with sophisticated attacks and zero-day threats.
    • Indusflow Systems has standardized its endpoint security strategy on SentinelOne’s autonomous AI-driven cybersecurity platform.
    • This platform encompasses prevention, detection and response across various threat vectors such as endpoints, containers, cloud workloads and IoT devices.
    • The platform is autonomous using behavioural and static AI models.
    • Pricing only marginally higher than traditional antivirus but delivers a much more robust security response.
    • The solution is fully managed by Indusflow’s service desk and live support is available to deal with security incidents.

    Keeping Malware out of your Network through Email Security

    • Threats from email constitute a significant risk to businesses.
    • Indusflow Systems secures email using AppRiver’s email security platform to achieve 99.9% spam and malware filtering effectiveness.
    • Whether you have in-house or hosted email servers or use Microsoft 365, AppRiver provides advanced email security controls including filtering both inbound and outbound email, anti-phishing intelligence, impersonation and spoofing protection.
    • Simple MX record change allows you to route your email through AppRiver’s cloud services with no software and hardware installation necessary.

    Building your Anti-Phishing Culture

    • 41% of IT professionals report phishing attacks at least once per day and 93% of data breaches involved a phishing attack.
    • Phishing attacks manipulate users to execute a financial transaction, provide access credentials or download a ransomware payload.
    • It is vital that organizations train and then test their employees for phishing awareness.
    • With over 500 templates that look just like real phishing email, these tools simulate phishing attacks, sees which users are clicking on emails and then directs those users to more training.
    • Indusflow Systems implements the Sophos anti-phishing toolkit which includes training, testing and benchmarking of user awareness.
    • The Sophos platform educates more than a million users worldwide and has reduced employee susceptibility by 31%

    Why work with Indusflow Systems

    Indusflow Systems is a Toronto-based managed IT services firms that deploys a number of best-in-class security tools and training to secure networks and educate employees of their small and mid-sized clients. Many organizations have IT departments but often need help with cybersecurity. Indusflow’s expert team of professionals help IT managers license and implement these tools and provide day-to-day management and ticket escalation.


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