Negativity is a loaded word. It can mean different things to different people and navigating through these differences can be challenging, especially in a working environment. How do long term care professionals who are often apart of high-stress situations meant to manage negative thoughts and behaviours they not only experienced but may also project themselves?

On January 28th, 2020, we held our first private dinner event of 2020 for long term care leaders featuring guest speaker Jayne Harvey. Many long term care leaders know Jayne Harvey as a sought-after speaker and leadership trainer within the long term care space in Ontario. Jayne continues to actively work in long term care which allows her to fully the day-to-day challenges that may occur.

This intimate private dinner event allowed guests to engage in meaningful one-on-one discussions with Jayne and other long term care leaders within their space. Discussions around topics such as mindfulness, the loss of focus by staff, burnout, cultivating non-judgemental self-attitudes, measuring emotions and responses, self-awareness and turning around the perspectives of negative staff members were all presented, dissected and discussed in solutions-oriented ways.

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